Our main strengths

A team

We are a strong, experienced and multidisciplinary team in business, law and IT fields, supported by Chainius solutions expertise.

A partner

We are Seraphin Legal France's ambassadors in Luxembourg and Belgium. Seraphin is a strong partner already recognized in the LegalTech business.


We develop on modern technological frameworks and within an opensource approach: Blockchain, Cloud, Linux...


We are Agile!


We can provide guidance in GDPR compliance.

“We bring Technologies, Innovation, Digitalization in the legal world …”


Marc Toledo

Marc Toledo


Managing Director at Bit4you.io
Serial entrepreneur
Independant consultant

Stéphane Cadoch

Stéphane Cadoch


Expert in:
Business development
Funding and structuring strategies.
TV and Digital Media

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Our thoughts, our actions...

Our logion project has evolved!

It becomes… A Proof of Authority type’s blockchain framework in a Quorum-Ethereum environment whose validators/nodes will be EU public Officers. This network will be able to support secure tokenization, corporate governance, crowdfunding operations, contents exchange… Read more…

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