Who we are

A team that loves to create!

Ibox Team sprl is a Belgium based company which works closely with Techmedev
BCE 0684.722.109 – Liège
contact: info@ibox.team

What we do

In few words…

We have created CSAN to build a bridge between two worlds!

We aim to link the crypto and the traditional world. We are well aware that it is by bringing guarantees of use to new users and allowing them to carry out the transactions that they could do in the normal world that the blockchain ecosystem will thrive.

We believe that insecurity and scams are a real obstacle to the mass adoption of these technologies which, however, in certain field provide guarantees far superior to existing technologies.

The purpose of CSAN is to allow two types of guarantees to be linked: those intrinsic to the technological environment and that of the law.

This is why we decided to create the CSAN composed of legal and tech experts in order to provide the legal and technical support necessary for the prosperity of the ecosystem.

CSAN will make use of logion technology and future developments.

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